Author: Adam Stier

Fake News Is Old News

It seems most news networks these days spend the vast majority of their time accusing other broadcasters of dispensing fake news stories created to distract the public or perhaps slander a politician. Many people speak on the subject, including the current US president, as if this is a new event. The truth is that fake news has been around since ancient times, a tool of the social manipulator since humans began keeping written records. Of course, it is unethical to an extreme, its foundation one of deceit. However; the most shocking thing right now is that people act as...

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The Meme Toll

Social media are an integral part of life for most of us. From Facebook to 4Chan, we use the Internet to share ideas and anecdotes, and to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. Memes are usually a humorous image, video clip, or text that is copied and, in some cases, altered and spread across the Internet. They have been around as long as any social media site. They can be inspirational or obscene, profound or mocking — really, the possibilities are limited only by the creator’s imagination. All the same, the majority of Internet memes...

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The Ethics of Judgement

Recently, I was speaking with a woman who was having trouble explaining to her son why judging people was immoral. She explained that her son believed that, since he felt he led a moral and just life, it gave him the right to pass judgment on those who did not meet his standards. She went on to say that, no matter how she attempted to explain it, he did not budge from his stance. She asked me if her son was right and, if not, why was it unethical to judge others. Further, she wanted to know how she...

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America, Practice What You Preach

For decades, the armed forces of the United States, especially units classified as special operations such as the Marines Recon or the Army’s Special Forces, have taken on the role of world police. They have been involved in countless so-called “peacekeeping missions” that, time and again, have led to needless casualties and animosity between nations. However, like it or not, America tends to step in and re-create nations in its own image. As the saying goes, those who can’t do, teach. The notion that the American government has developed the ultimate political system is a dubious proposition at best....

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Observations for Those Who Desire Power

It has come to pass that our species grows weaker as time goes on. This is contradiction to evolution and just by observing the generations making their way into the world we can start to doubt that theory. On a hostile planet such as Earth it’s hard for one to believe that the favorable direction is one of stronger intellect and not stronger physical presence. Nature does not know social construct, so, to imply that we have evolved based on our environment is to denote that evolution is not so much a natural process as it is a human...

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