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911 Tribute

Today is the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Today, we are personally proud of the United States for not remaining a victim. As individuals and as a nation we will never forget those who lost their lives and the loved ones who will eternally grieve the loss of life and possibilities. We are part of a generation who will forever awake on September 11th with a pang in our chest for those we lost and the innocence we left behind on that dreadful...

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Should U.S. and Canada Prepare for Nuclear Warfare?

Listen to the Podcast Here Is Kim Jong Un sane? I’m going to share with you some interesting facts about the dictator based on an article, by Ian H. Robertson PhD, published by Psychology Today on April 5, 2013, about the time Un assumed power in the wake of his father’s death. If you are like me, your knowledge of Kim Jong Un is limited to the information the media has provided. Until I did my own research, I believed Un had never left North Korea, and that’s just not true. According to Dr. Robertson, Kim Jong Un is...

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Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 8

01:20 Trump Visits Springfield
03:05 What Canada Seen Today – Bias Media
10:00 Today’s Show – Can Trump Save Springfield?
11:25 Why Springfield?
12:30 Springfield Crime Stats
13:55 Meth Capital?
20:15 Tax Changes to Personal Taxes
20:40 Deductions Axed During Tax Cuts
22:10 Congress and Senate Accountability
23:20 Letter from Congress
26:45 Gary Cohn Chief Economic Advisor for Trump

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