Author: Grace Matthews

Trump the Government and the New Enlightenment

Listen to the podcast here…. As a species, we change. This change is not necessarily perpetual but is nonetheless necessary to our survival. Generally speaking, change is not elective: If you do not actively participate in change, change will change you anyway. This is similar to understanding the notion that, by not making a decision, you are still making a decision. As citizens, our role in the cycle of change is up to us as individuals. People who do not wish to consume news and learn about events happening in the world are wishful passivists. They cling to the...

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Mercenaries in the Shadows

Listen to the podcast here…. Despite its original purpose, Obama’s Organizing for Action is an army with a singular purpose: To resist Trump. OFA owns 250 field offices across the nation with 14 full-time field organizers who, according to NBC, are strategically placed in states “home to key senators as part of its campaign to defend Obama’s signature healthcare law.” NBC reports that the group is growing. “We’re bringing in thousands of new people who have never been engaged before, connecting them to a nationwide grassroots network, providing them with cost-free training, and empowering them to apply those skills...

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Obama’s Shadow Government

Listen to the podcast here…. “Conspiracy” is a label used in recent times as a deterrent, by design, to silence a person who is saying something a group does not want brought to the forefront to be scrutinized and investigated. “Conspiracy Theorist” is the ultimate devaluation of one’s credibility, as it is a term intended to be synonymous with “deranged” or “delusional.” These days, when these words are being spewed, I stand at attention, because someone is saying something that is striking a nerve. Call it what you want — conspiracy, crazy, whatever — when a sitting president turns...

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Intro to Shadow Government

Listen to the podcast here… The concept has been around for a long time, but recently the context has changed: shadow government. Many have romanticized it by dubbing it a conspiracy theory. It has never been as elusive as storytellers have claimed. Are there secrets? I hope so. Most of the modern presidential administrations have been a part of it. The shadow government was the DC establishment and all that implied. It is the swamp. Think tanks, specific media, certain businesspeople, career government employees, and many elected officials. It is easier to point out the administrations that were not...

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Political Backstabbers

Listen to the podcast here…. Let’s be honest: Leakers are backstabbers. Every time I hear about government leakers, I think of the song by the O’Jays “Back Stabbers.” As I was preparing for today’s broadcast, in my mind’s eye I saw President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson like they were in Saudi Arabi doing the sword dance. Two overweight older men shifting their weight from side to side, swaying to the beat, pretending they’re dancing. After a few minutes, the initial embarrassment dies down, so they lift their arms as if they are learning to walk for...

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