Author: Grace Matthews

Political Potpourri – ESPN, Shapiro, Ingraham, Pelosi

Although we’ve done it before, this is our first named installment of Political Potpourri. We will discuss a variety of politically charged issues on days when narrowing down to one focal point is just cheating everyone involved. Listen to the podcast here… ESPN: A Double Standard ESPN’s Jemele Hill authored a series of tweets on Monday, September 11th. “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” “Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Period.” “He has surrounded himself with white...

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It’s All About Hillary

Listen to the podcast here… If I had to characterize Hillary in one sentence, I would say she is the most out-of-touch politician of my lifetime. There are so many strange aspects surrounding the Clintons’ personal lives, politics, and, finally, Hillary Clinton’s candidacies. As individuals, there is a bothersome expectation encircling Bill and Hillary. It’s been that way since the beginning back in Arkansas. Through the years when Bill was a philandering candidate, governor, and president, it was bad. As an elected official, he assumed a dictator-like attitude with a permissiveness that he used as if he owned it....

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Liberal Media Declares War on Conservative Opponents

Listen to the podcast here: We know it — we’ve been told a thousand times: There are no new problems. Nothing happens that hasn’t happened before. So why aren’t we better at preventing devastating outcomes, especially for innocents? Years ago, people in the public eye took measures to protect their families from the possibilities of public humiliation and embarrassment. Today, in the Internet era, it is more difficult. Everyone can find out anything about anyone, and they do. This fact has inadvertently kept public people from trying to conceal intimate details about their lives. Perhaps, they have even come...

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A Practical Look at Immigration

Listen to the Podcast Here…. Immigration policy is separate from DACA. The 12 million illegal immigrants and the issues they impose upon the country are not the same as the unique, vetted individuals who comprise the group of 800,000 we refer to as “The Dreamers.” Without proper, broad legislation to combat illegal immigration, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States will quickly grow from 320 million to 500 million. A population of 500 million would strain our resources and human services. The two sides of the political spectrum use opposite reasons to support their logic. Liberals believe...

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The DACA Dreamers

Listen to the Podcast Here… The temporary executive order dubbed “DACA” — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals —has resulted in another buzzword for the constantly changing immigration landscape: “The Dreamers.” It signifies non-U.S. citizens who arrived in the United States as children of undocumented immigrants and who are, therefore, technically, themselves “illegal immigrants,” even though they played no conscious role in coming to the U.S. Unlike so called “anchor babies,” born in the United States with the benefit of full citizenship, dreamers do not gain automatic citizenship. From President Donald J. Trump via Instagram: The DACA Dreamers In effect,...

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