Author: Grace Matthews

What Could We Expect from an Impeachment?

Listen to the Podcast Here… If he sneezes outside the crook of his arm, someone is waiting in a hazmat suit screaming, “Impeach!” In this war of words, history will not be kind to the participants; Trump, the mainstream media, and Democratic leaders will most assuredly stand accused of fueling a national tragedy. If there was ever a problem — and I don’t think Trump is a buffoon — but our forefathers created a government resistant to fools in the White House. With the attention and good judgement of both parties in the legislative branch and to some degree...

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Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 9

01:45 Updates on Springfield Trump Visit
02:00 Truth About Paid Protestors
05:25 Texas Flood Disaster
07:30 Hurricane Katrina vs Texas Flood of 2017
17:15 Flood Insurance and Lack of Qualification for Flood Insurance
24:00 North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, U.S., Japan, and South Korea Show of Force
28:00 Alien FRB signals?

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That’s My People: Can Trump Save Springfield MO?

Listen to the Podcast Here President Trump’s visit to Springfield, Missouri, at first seemed peculiar at best. Why would I make such a deduction? I live in Springfield, Missouri, and, quite frankly, the idea defied historical logic. Generally, when a sitting first-term president visits an area, certain criteria have been satisfied that warrant the visit. Outside of the fact that sixty percent of Springfield’s population voted for Trump, it is hard to understand how Springfield met even minimal conditions. The local newspaper, The Springfield News Leader, claims congressman Billy Long invited the president to Springfield. Others say the president...

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Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 7

01:55 News Updates
02:30 Freedom of Speech Berkeley
03:40 Kim Jong Un Missile Fail
06:50 Today’s Topic – Media Bias and Fake News
07:10 The Mooch Quote
13:00 LA Times on Sean Hannity
14:45 Media Bias
16:45 Fake News
18:00 Source for Real or Fake
20:00 Legally False in the U.S.
23:00 Extremists
27:10 Be Aware of What Links and Domain Names

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Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 6

01:15 Asylum Seekers and Refugee Update
01:40 Trudeau Inviting Refugees According to New Democrats
02:00 Safe Third Country Agreement of 2004
05:50 Winter is Coming to Tent City
06:50 On Today’s Show – Nuclear Missile Threat From North Korea
07:15 Psychological Profile of Kim Jong Un
14:00 Dangers to Guam
14:55 Canadian Committee Meets On North Korean Crisis
15:30 Canada Opts out of Missile Defense System on West Coast
19:00 The 10,000 km Missile Threat
21:00 Scientific Odds of Nuclear War With North Korea
25:30 Maple Syrop Diplomacy?
26:00 Dennis Rodman As Diplomat?

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