Author: Grace Matthews

The Lineage of Change

Read Connor’s Letter   Dear Connor, WOW! If we had a rulebook, you would have just violated Section 101 by introducing two massive topics in one single exchange. Which do I respond to first, the juicy Russian Probe or the age-old-but-always-relevant question of change? Okay — it’s change. Is change good or bad? Perhaps the answer isn’t an easy one. Perhaps it is a variable, and the answer really rests where and when you happen to be observing it. The perspective of change changes, but I can speak only from my seat. Connor, you and I are about the...

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The Pending Death of the Electoral College

Read Connor’s Letter   Dear Connor, I am well, Connor. Thank you, and I am so glad you are fine. As usual, you inspire me. The thought of your face pressed upon your Canadian window watching the US has sent my imagination running amok. At the risk of sounding brash, I would most accurately compare the coastlines in the United States to a fishbowl. The people are like fish, peering out of their glasslike environment believing they understand what they see. Blinded by their limited habitat, they can’t understand the atmosphere that exists outside. Moreover, here in the middle,...

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The Right Left Chronicles Are Born

Dear Connor, Regretfully, it’s been a while. I hope these words find you well. It seems as if the world and particularly the United States is chaotic, restless, and more violent now than at any time that I can remember. Intolerance has risen to a level where opposing views are met with a disdain that often sparks a downright abusive response. Our previous exchanges regarding politics and the state of things became heated — at least, most of the time. But I always believed that, in the end, we grasped where the other stood, and that small emotional response...

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