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Florida Students Take Aim at NRA – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 75

On today’s show: Florida Students Take Aim at NRA. Students in Florida demand action and organize a lie-in and march, ask public not to vote for politicians that take donations from NRA. Russian election interference or lack of. DACA deal rejected by democrats. Democratic ticket for 2020, Oprah having a change of heart and may run against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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Stock Drops While Pelosi Talks – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 72

On today’s show: Stock Drops While Pelosi Talks. Market Falls more than 10% in last 5 days. Budget gets passed. Rand Paul gives speech and Bette Midler says his neighbor should attack him again. Nancy Pelosi speaks forever. Rob Porter investigated by FBI for domestic abuse. Gerber baby is a Down’s Syndrome baby. Couple with 13 boys to have another baby. The Great Perogy Heist of 2018.

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Trump Speaks – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 69

On today’s show: Trump Speaks. Republican retreat train crashes. Summary of Trump’s State of the Union address. Hillary makes a statement on Twitter about her spiritual advisor on his sex harassment allegations during her 2008 campaign. A passenger is turned down flying with her emotional support peacock and a talking whale.

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McCabe Gets the McAxe – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 68

On today’s show: McCabe Gets the McAxe. FBI director Andrew McCabe put on terminal leave. Trump wants FISA warrant memo released, DOJ does not want it released. Details around sex misconduct during 2008 campaign for Hillary. Cher insults Sarah Sanders. Jay Z says Trump is like a superbug. Trump answers by stating black unemployment is at an all time low. Statistics on president’s news coverage in 2017. Florida democratic mayor removed from office. Baboons in France and Trudeau gives away more money and comments on #MeToo.

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Censorship and Biased Media – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 67

On today’s show: Censorship and Biased Media. The Hammer joins Grace and Connor to discuss the censorship of the Gennifer Flowers interview and how the media is biased to push their own agendas like CNN and NBC spinning their agendas around the missing FBI text messages. CNN spins that Trump threatens to call off aid to Palestinians. The Hammer talks about the NFL and the Superbowl. What aliens would say about us humans. Women get groped and propositioned at an all men’s club charity dinner in the UK. Nassar gets a heavy sentence for sex assault. Volcano threatens locals in the Philippines. Police on hunt for porta potty arsonist in Vancouver. January 31 is the trifecta in lunar phases: blue moon, supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse or blood moon. And a Saudi beauty contest for camels?

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Bill Clinton’s Former Lover Gennifer Flowers Uncensored – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 65

On today’s show: Bill Clinton’s Former Lover Gennifer Flowers Uncensored. Grace and Connor are joined in the studio by Gennifer Flowers to talk about her 12 year ‘#Scandalous’ affair with Bill Clinton. Gennifer also discusses Hillary, ‘the other women’, suspicious deaths, Trump, #MeToo and sexual assault/harassment, the media and fake news.

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