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Trump Tariffs Expose ‘Secret Empires’ – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 82

On today’s show: Trump Tariffs Expose ‘Secret Empires’. Peter Schweizer releases his book, Secret Empires, which in his book reveals a lot of Chinese bribery linked to top politicians on both the democratic and republican sides. Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell and others linked to the Clinton, Bush, and Obama governments all seemed to have family or friends receive large sums of Chinese money, in one case amounting to $1.5 billion. Trump puts $50 billion more in tariffs on China and Schweizer’s book may be the reason. Trump’s chief attorney on Russian probe quits. Where’s Steve Bannon?

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Hypocritical Hillary – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 81

On today’s show: Hypocritical Hillary. Grace and Connor are back from spring break. The duo discuss Hillary’s future including her health concerns. Also, Hillary’s recent comments saying women voted for Trump because of the men in their life influencing them and how that is a projection of her own life.

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Trump Tariffs and ‘Stormy’ Times Ahead? – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 80

On today’s show: Trump Tariffs and ‘Stormy’ Times Ahead? Today is International Women’s Day. Viola Desmond a black activist has been put on the Canadian $10 bill. Stormy Daniels arrested for beating her husband according to Todd Schnitt. Gary Cohn leaving post but name is in Paradise Papers. Hope Hicks questioned by committee had 2 email addresses hacked, legal fees are not covered by White House. Did this lead to Flynn pleading guilty? UK says 21 people being treated for nerve agent after Russian spy attacked. Could this lead back to the dossier? Illegal immigrants turning on democrats due to turning down the DACA deal. Drug charges dropped after suspect refuses to poop for 47 days. Elon Musk thinks Trump is making a mistake on the tariffs. Confirmed Meghan Markle has been baptized and confirmed to be part of royal family. Joy Behar apologizes for comparing Christianity to insanity. Trans Pacific Partnership goes through with 11 countries, but not the US. Amounts to 13% of Global Trade worth $10 trillion.

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#MeToo is Hollywood’s Hypocrisy – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 79

On today’s show: #MeToo is Hollywood’s Hypocrisy. #MeToo after the oscars. Kobe Bryant’s hypocritical win. Ryan Seacrest under scrutiny now. Women in Hollywood make 30% of their male counterparts. Trump policy proposals are a litmus test for democrats and republicans. Trump’s tariff on steel and aluminum. Minuchin says no tariffs on Canada or Mexico. George Bush tried a 30% steel tariff in 2002, rejected by the WTO. Is Trump taking shots at the WTO? Or, is he mad about losing the Bombardier tariff? Jared Kushner loses security clearance. Ivanka up for investigation into Vancouver’s Trump Tower owned by Chinese billionaire. Did Kellyanne Conway violate the Hatch Act in Alabama as she seemed to back 2 opposing candidates? Megyn Kelly’s show dropped. Kim Jong Un wants to talk about giving up nukes to end sanctions. Sam Nunberg fired twice by Trump, vows to not reply to a subpoena, then gives interviews while under the influence of alcohol.

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Trump Announces 2020 Run – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 77

On today’s show: Trump Announces 2020 Run. President Trump announces presidential run for 2020 and names campaign manager Brad Parscale. Hope Hicks answers questions in front of judicial committee. The Angry Canadians. Companies severe ties with NRA. Democrat Dianne Feinstein does not get support for another run. San Diego University offers class on presidential impeachment. Roger Goodell fines Jerry Jones $2 million. The 2018 Winter Olympics overview. A Vancouver Island man adopted a pot bellied pig from his local SPCA animal shelter, took the pig home, fattened it up, and ate it. He did not break any laws but has been barred from adopting any animals by the SPCA.

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Florida Students Take Aim at NRA – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 75

On today’s show: Florida Students Take Aim at NRA. Students in Florida demand action and organize a lie-in and march, ask public not to vote for politicians that take donations from NRA. Russian election interference or lack of. DACA deal rejected by democrats. Democratic ticket for 2020, Oprah having a change of heart and may run against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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Stock Drops While Pelosi Talks – Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 72

On today’s show: Stock Drops While Pelosi Talks. Market Falls more than 10% in last 5 days. Budget gets passed. Rand Paul gives speech and Bette Midler says his neighbor should attack him again. Nancy Pelosi speaks forever. Rob Porter investigated by FBI for domestic abuse. Gerber baby is a Down’s Syndrome baby. Couple with 13 boys to have another baby. The Great Perogy Heist of 2018.

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