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Dear Grace,

I definitely agree this does set a bad precedence for the future. It almost seems O’Reilly was bullied as he was made a target on social media. I don’t know what really went on either, but there may be a truth to some of the allegations. I’m in no place to judge and we’ll never find out what actually did occur.

When TV channels air programs you’ll often have a disclaimer, “The show’s producers may have different opinionsand in no way reflect the views of this channel or advertisers.” But, you can’t really do that for O’Reilly. What would this disclaimer have said, “The host may or may not be an alleged sexist?”

I think what is more upsetting about this whole situation is that some of the same media outlets that participated and played a role that led to O’Reilly getting fired, made him job offers after the fact. This is more than slightly hypocritical, to say the least and somewhat troll-like.

Advertisers have always had some marginal control of where and when their ads appear and on what content. Mostly this is just based on daily time slots. Online, advertisers try and match ads with related content too. But giving advertisers the power to have someone fired is downright disturbing.

I realize it’s all about the almighty dollar. Without ad dollars no media outlet could survive, so maybe Fox canning O’Reilly can be justified when in the end we all have to pay the bills. Especially, after Fox supposedly helped to pay off O’Reilly’s alleged victims as well.

I totally understand your fears, but I’m not going to lose sleep over O’Reilly. He’ll come out ok in the end I believe. Some new network will take a chance on him, and a new show. As much advertising as O’Reilly can repel, there is another bunch of companies just waiting for the advertising opportunity.

It’s just my thoughts, but O’Reilly will make a rebound, and advertisers will always try and play God. They’ll get away with what media allows them to get away with. Which will always be too much, but they’re paying the wages and the bills.



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