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Dear Connor,

Oprah Winfrey is a progressive liberal yet, albeit primarily women, conservatives, and liberals love her. Why? Because Oprah is the epitome of a mother who showers her children with unconditional love. Her fans are her children; she’s empathetic, sympathetic, charitable, and genuinely concerned about almost everything. She never pretends to be perfect. In fact, she embraces imperfection and human fallibility.

Oprah invented Oprah and owns every fiber of Oprah. There were none before; there’ll be none after. So, when people lob out the idea of becoming the next Oprah, it does nothing more than expose them to unnecessary scrutiny. Ultimately, it diminishes their credibility. Still, they do it. Connor, is it ever really cool to want to be someone else?

One of the latest Oprah wannabes is former Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly. Her exit from Fox and impending unveiling at NBC reportedly has her wanting to reinvent herself yet again, but this time as the next Oprah.

Incidentally, Oprah is still alive and well; she is so darn good, she doesn’t need a network show to keep her relevant. Ask Weight Watchers. The day she began endorsing their weight-reduction program, their stock soared. If Oprah likes a book, it becomes a bestseller. We could go on and on.

I’ve watched Megyn Kelly for years, and she simply doesn’t have any of the warm maternal qualities that define Oprah. Would Oprah ever make fun of fat people? It is a matter of public record that overweightness and obesity are serious problems in the US. No doubt a lot of overweight people are daytime viewers. I’ll answer: No — Oprah would never berate someone about weight. Yet, on an episode of “Imus in the Morning,” Megyn Kelly and her husband, Douglas Brunt, brutalized fat people. What were they thinking? Not Oprah like.

On top of that, Megyn Kelly once claimed Santa Claus couldn’t be Black. Are you kidding me? Does she realize Santa is make believe and can be any color imaginable?

Honestly, between a sassy little sexualized GQ layout and talking dirty on the Howard Stern radio show about her husband’s private parts, his performance, and her breasts, I just don’t see even a glimmer of Oprah in Megyn Kelly. To me, she’s a mean girl trying to figure out how to continue in her middle-aged years to keep the camera in her direction and the big bucks rolling in.



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