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Dear Grace,

I definitely agree that everyone loves Oprah, except when a husband gets home from work and the first thing he hears from his wife is, “Guess what Oprah said you should do today?” I speak from experience. Just kidding, everyone does love Oprah, and she’s special.

She’s unique enough to build a following from any group. I also agree there will be nobody who could ever step into Oprah’s shoes, take the ball and run with it. No matter what Oprah did, it was always a success — The Midas Touch, so to speak. And that makes her extra special and even harder for someone to fill her shoes.

Cool to be someone else? I think everyone has wanted to be like someone they saw as a mentor and hero but “be like,” not actually “be” them — unless you really hated the person you are now. Or maybe there were actually some mentally challenged people who want to be someone else. I’m sure both exist out there. The question should be: Which one is Megyn Kelly?

Now I must say, Kelly is not bad at all, or so I thought until hearing about the fat thing. Did I ever think she could be the next Oprah? Never crossed my mind, but I also thought Trump as president was a hilarious idea a year ago. Yet, here we are.

I had totally forgotten about the Black Santa thing. I did hear about that. Maybe in reinventing herself, she had used too much blond dye?

There is no way in the world Oprah would have ever talked about private parts, performance in bed, or her breasts. Seeing something like that picture in my mind is absurd. It would have never happened. Why not? Oprah has class, and after hearing about Kelly’s recent actions, she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell to be the next Oprah, because she obviously has no class.

We live in a bizarre world most of the time. However, think about this for next election cycle: Oprah Winfrey, POTUS. Doesn’t sound absurd, does it? [There was a dramatic TV legal series set in the future in which Oprah Winfrey was POTUS. The series lasted less than one season. — Ed.]



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