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Dear Grace

You’re totally correct: You coach employees to success, and, failing that, then you move toward employment separation. However, there are a lot of situations that will get you fired right off the bat. Just ask the United Airlines security guards.

Also, it makes a difference what position the employee is holding. We’re comparing apples and oranges. We’re talking about some of the most important positions in the world here and not one that requires asking the customer if they want fries with that. These top positions should have nearly a zero tolerance for any mistake.

That being said, no matter who it is or what the job is, if you dig deep enough, I’m sure you’d find multiple reasons for any person to get fired.

Comey held one of the most powerful positions, and that amount of power will eventually go to almost anyone’s head. So, no doubt he sounded out of touch. That’s because he is out of touch. He’s also very likely to have pissed off a lot of people, and with multiple accusations coming in, it sure does look like Comey is finally getting hit by the karma bus, and Trump is behind the wheel, stomping on the gas pedal.

Sometimes, progress will stagnate without change. And sometimes you have to change people to get the change you want. There is such a thing as healthy attrition. Old blood out the door, and new blood in.

It was time Comey moved on. I have no qualms about Trump firing him. As a matter of fact, I think it was one of Trump’s best moves. Mind you, it’s one of his only good moves, but, of course, that’s my opinion and how I feel about that!



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