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Dear Grace,

Oh, how I know the feeling I get from doing what I love. Gardening is not work to me. It’s therapy time away from a crazy world. One part of this crazy world includes our bubble-wrapped kids. I know I’ve ranted about the Millennials before, but I’ve also come to realize we can’t fully blame them. Our generation raised them, so who is really to blame? That’s the reality. If you ever have the chance to see the movie Idiocracy, you’ll see what our future could look like if we all don’t make some changes — quickly.

As a kid, I learned how to ride a bike without padding or a helmet. We had asbestos in every kitchen and lead in our paint. In the car, we didn’t wear seatbelts, and there were no airbags to save us in a crash, either. Yet, I felt fairly safe as a kid, and we weren’t harmed. So, what’s changed?

Now all those things now have laws to supposedly protect us. Nobody wants their children hurt, but instead of using common sense and telling your kid, “Don’t do that — you’re going to get hurt,” we, the Liberals, felt the need to put laws in place to protect all the children in the country. Now our children expect to have laws to protect them from everything, as this is all they know.

So, it’s not very surprising that the kids can’t cope in college and university. They leave the comfort and safety of their parents’ home for the first time, and there’s no safety net. That fuels their anxiety. Who’s left to pick up those pieces are the colleges and universities. Maybe they need to teach “Coping 101” to every student?

I know what you’re thinking, “Connor, you’re a Liberal.” But even as a Liberal, I can see big problems in moving to the far left, just as much as are inherent in moving to the far right. There has to be a middle ground somewhere that doesn’t get sucked into a big black hole.

The successful societies learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of their forefathers, and then they correct them. But, there is one thing that gives me hope that our society won’t fail. That’s social media. It’s got us all connected and sharing information. When I was a kid, I didn’t know who the Rockefellers were, nor did I care. Today’s kids are well aware of how the entire world is being screwed, and I do believe they won’t let society fail.

The part that does scare me is that what we call a “power grab” has been happening for a long, long, time, and it continues as we speak because we’re all letting it happen. Just a couple examples of what I’m talking about here are: The water barons of California controlling all the water and the utility barons of Nevada overtaxing solar and any other alternative power. I could go on and on with the examples, but these are the “power grabs” we as a society need to fear and we need to correct.

I can feel the change starting to happen. It will get much uglier before it gets any better. I think the one-percenters need to be the ones who change their way of thinking, or the mob with pitchforks will come for them someday soon. Do I think they’ll change? Nope. They have too much greed and are much too power hungry to change. So, if society takes pitchforks to the one-percenters, does that mean society fails, or does it mean success?



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