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Dear Grace,

I definitely understand the shock you must have had over this Resistance Party. After reading your letter, I sat staring at your words on the page for a long time before I could even wrap my brain around a new group built on hate. Just reading the words “Resistance Party” takes me back to WWII, although, that (mainly French) Resistance was built on hate for Hitler and the atrocities he was committing.

I’ve seen all the memes on social media comparing Trump to Hitler, but that is one wild exaggeration. To compare anyone to Hitler is absolutely over the top. However, the French Resistance was key in helping to stop the Nazi war machine. And they did a lot of damage to the Nazis, waging many bombings and other terror campaigns to disrupt the German occupation. However, there is not much difference in my head between bombing the enemy and shooting them at a baseball game.

The French Resistance formed in 1933 and lasted throughout the war from 1939 to 1945. They formed a full six years before full-out war. So, is the United States headed for WWIII or civil war? I fear that, the way this is progressing, either kind of war could possibly result, especially when this group is spawned out of such intense hate. It really makes me wonder what the requirements are for joining the party. Do they have a hate scale they measure your hate with? Maybe it’s a selfishness scale they base their membership on? “I didn’t get my way and lost the election; I want my way, and I’ll screw the country over to get my way.” They might even have a whiner’s scale to measure their members with — I don’t know. But it’s scary to even think about it.

In Canada, if I were to call for the demise of our Prime Minister, the RCMP would knock down my door and lock me up. That’s hate speech — not free speech, which a lot of Americans seem to hide behind saying it’s their right to say what they want. And it’s some of those speeches that ignite the anger that eventually ends at a shooting at a baseball game. To prevent these tragic events from happening, they need to be nipped in the bud, from the beginning — the “hate-speakers” need to be made accountable for their words.

To say you want America to fail is literally shooting yourself in the foot. So I could never see anything positive or productive ever coming out of the Resistance Party. Certainly it’s not making America great again in any way. Let’s face it: They should be called “The Trump Resistance Party.” In the end, to resist the leader is also resisting their country. At least, it’s that way in my mind.

When I watched the Pelosi video, she did obviously try to calm things down. Did I really believe her? Nope. I have nothing to base this on except my gut feelings, and, to me, she didn’t seem believable. I see visions of her dancing backstage and loving every little bit of it. Who wouldn’t love their own minions, The Resistance Party, to do their own dirty work for them? She can stay or step down — it makes no difference when you have minions.

Who knows what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are thinking? Maybe Bernie smoked too much cannabis when he thought this one out? Or, maybe he didn’t think this out at all, which makes me think there’s a bigger plan in the works that we don’t know about yet. I believe you’re totally correct, and, if things remain on this path, the Republicans will always have a majority in the government. If that’s the case, then this Resistance Party might be here for the long haul.



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