It has come to pass that our species grows weaker as time goes on. This is contradiction to evolution and just by observing the generations making their way into the world we can start to doubt that theory. On a hostile planet such as Earth it’s hard for one to believe that the favorable direction is one of stronger intellect and not stronger physical presence. Nature does not know social construct, so, to imply that we have evolved based on our environment is to denote that evolution is not so much a natural process as it is a human endeavor. Even so, if intellect is the product of evolution, then why do trivial words inflect us so? Surely, by this time, we’d be over that hill, but in actuality we haven’t even started up it yet. The sensitivity of younger generations is almost laughable; who is to blame?

These new generations are a product of their environment, as we are of ours, so one would need to look at that, mainly how they were raised. Coddled by parents whom think they were not treated special enough so they smother their children in it now. All the same, this behooves the ones who are stronger in spirit and in flesh to take a rightful position over the weak. These generations are prime for rule. If you are reading these words I assume you are of like mind and see the many benefits that these easily led astray populous offer. It’s obvious that this will not change, the steady decline of cognitive function, so, rather than attempt any further to show them the errs of their ways, it’s simply time to dominate them and mold them into whatever a fitful purpose they could serve.

For the sake of time, “generational” refers to any individual 30 and under.

The generational’s weaknesses are many, from the latest gadgets to making sure they are included in even the most mundane of tasks, they are easily controlled emotionally and easily offended, which means they are easy to manipulate. For example; you are running for office against an opponent with greater experience and following. However, he is an older, white male. While he is, logically, the superior choice, you want office. So, despite the man being a magnanimous individual, no criminal history, married 30 years, and father of three, you start the story how he raped five women in college and got away scot free. So, heinous his crimes one of the females committed suicide. You tell this to five or ten individuals and anyone who’s played the game Telephone as a child will tell you before the end of day the story will be, he murdered 15 women and got away scot free and when a mother of one of the victims found damning evidence, he murdered her as well.

That story is going to gain the anger induced outrage of women everywhere, now just continue repeating the story as much as you can see to, before you know source amnesia will kick in among the masses and even when the story is a proven fabrication by your opponent, it will be too late. If one keeps repeating their truth after a while most will just accept it as such. Therefore, when your opponent final shows inarguable evidence that the story is fabricated, it’s deep-seated in the masses and some, most, will still harbor doubt. Not just women, but, men as well will turn away from him increasing your votes.