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If I had to characterize Hillary in one sentence, I would say she is the most out-of-touch politician of my lifetime.

There are so many strange aspects surrounding the Clintons’ personal lives, politics, and, finally, Hillary Clinton’s candidacies. As individuals, there is a bothersome expectation encircling Bill and Hillary. It’s been that way since the beginning back in Arkansas.

Through the years when Bill was a philandering candidate, governor, and president, it was bad. As an elected official, he assumed a dictator-like attitude with a permissiveness that he used as if he owned it. It would be hard for anyone to argue that he and Hillary didn’t share a dictator-like image of their family. The rules on the books never really applied to them.

The diffident, relaxed response to Bill’s affairs, perjury, and obstruction of justice led to the bizarre sense of “self versus world” that Hillary exhibits. It’s an atypical sense of entitlement that has become her brand.

One cannot argue that she has followers. Unfortunately, many of her followers misinterpret her attitude as a champion of feminism or as a crusader with a cause for rescuing the downtrodden, particularly as it relates to race or citizenship. These, of course, are issues of the moment —certainly not ones she cared about in the past.

Her platform is as translucent as rice paper. Remember when she was interviewed by the African-American DJ and she bragged about having a bottle of hot sauce in her purse? Seriously. The DJ reacted with disbelief as she sat there in his presence and committed a microaggression against black people, and, to top it all off, she laughed about it.

She has a history of these racially charged behaviors. There are even those who claim her 2008 primary run against Barack Obama was racially charged. In 2016, she was unable to get the black community excited enough to come out to vote for her.

Still, I understand, in 2016 she did carry the popular vote. But, were those votes for her or against Donald Trump? It’s hard to tell.

Oh, and what about the Clinton Foundation charity? Was it “pay to play”? Was it a place for foreign leaders to pay her and Bill in exchange for political favors? The fact that she lost the election and that the charity is now defunct certainly has my eyebrows rising.

So why are we still talking about her? She’s the annoying aunt that just won’t leave after the holidays. And now, to make it all worse, she’s running around the continent asking, “What happened?” Bless her heart — she even wrote a book titled What Happened? further assuring us all that she doesn’t get it.

She must be delirious. How long will Bill and Chelsea allow her to wallow in the madness before they get her some help?

Sure, people are going out to see her — for a lot of people, the meltdown is entertaining. Reality TV tapped in on that several years ago. These days, voyeurs can view Hillary firsthand as she runs around making appearances on TV, in bookstores, and on campuses. She’s a reincarnated medieval town crier in the streets crying, “What happened? What happened?”

Okay, enough fun. Seriously, will she ever go away, and is there anyone who was not personally responsible for her electoral loss?

It’s a blame game. If you’re a woman and don’t support her, you are a stupid anti-feminist, too indoctrinated to understand abuse and unfairness projected on to women by mean, totalitarian, white, middle-aged fat men. Of course, I’m one of the stupid ones. Nonetheless, those accusations have become stale, even boring. They belong with the ones from the women doing all sorts of self-serving things for women everywhere. My response is: No thanks!

Where does it all end? There are 500 pages of blame in her book, so, it’s hard to decipher who Hillary considers to be the worst culprit. Listening to those who have spent endless hours deducing an estimate out of the piles of accusations, the conclusion is that former FBI director James Comey is the heir apparent who caused the most damage to her bid for the White House. Yes, he, in fact, is worse than Vlad Putin, but still, Trump was wrong to fire him. This is so nutty, it’s hard to say it. The crunch is going to send me to the dentist with another cracked tooth.

All kidding aside, Comey misused his office repeatedly, and it is hard to conclude anything other than he must be a megalomaniac who needed political relevance in the presidential election. Was he the reason Hillary lost? I doubt it.

Here in the middle, away from the coastal mega-populations, voters are fed up. Not necessarily with democrats; in fact, it isn’t partisan at all — it’s establishment. The folks aren’t even emotional about who Trump strikes a deal with — Democrat or Republican. Just give us what we need and want, not what politicians named Clinton or with some other surname need us to want.

Had Hillary understood this or realized this, she would have won by a landslide, but she didn’t, and her selfish, out-of-touch self didn’t allow Bernie the opportunity. Heaven knows, he was the only one out of the whole Democratic kit and caboodle who might have had a chance to win over Donald Trump.

Hillary can say whatever she wants to about Trump; much of it might even be true. However, he held the pulse of the electorate and shaped it into his own, and that, my friends, is “What Happened.”

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