02:10 On today’s show: Trump Made Me Promises, Promises. Grace runs down the list of what Trump has done in 2017.
02:40 The tax cuts.
03:38 Pulls out of Paris Accord.
04:41 Instituted Travel Ban.
05:20 Begins to move embassy to Jerusalem.
06:12 Achieve the appointment Neil Gorsuch.
06:56 Lots of deregulation to EPA.
07:27 Pulls out of Trans Pacific Partnership.
07:45 Achieved removing Obamacare mandate.
08:00 Defeating ISIS.
08:18 Pulls out of Cuban policies.
08:58 Destroyed net neutrality.
09:25 1.7 million new jobs, unemployment drops to 4.1%.
09:42 Stocks added $5 trillion in wealth.
10:02 Manufacturing grown and added 159,000 new jobs.
10:30 GDP two consecutive quarters over 3%.
11:00 Mining deregulation of coal mining adds 57,000 new jobs.
11:55 Consumer confidence is at 17 year high.
12:10 Apprenticeship program started.
12:40 $300 million dollars for computer science funding.
12:53 Economic Empowerment of Women. SBA increases lending by $500 million to woman business owners.
13:46 Saves government $8.1 billion in deregulations.
13:54 Speeds up permit processes from 10 years to 2 years.
15:52 Renegotiating NAFTA.
17:15 South Korea invests $17 billion and will buy $58 billion in goods from the US over the next 4 years.
17:40 Middle East trip brings $400 billion in deals to the US.
17:56 Expands offshore drilling.
19:33 Greatly reduces illegal immigration.

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