01:45 Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump Whitehouse has Steve Bannon firing shots at Trump.
03:05 Mueller will crack Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner.
05:34 Trump did not know who Boehner was.
05:55 Melania cried and was horrified when Trump won the election.
06:30 A former campaign aide tried to teach Trump constitution but failed.
07:00 Trump is a germaphobe and scolds Whitehouse staff.
08:06 Murdock calls Trump an f’ing idiot.
08:30 Ann Coulter warned Trump not to hire children.
09:00 Trump didn’t want Bolton to be secretary of state because of his mustache.
11:17 Unemployment Insurance drug test?
14:40 Bitcoin price fluctuates.
18:45 Will Target be bought to Amazon or Alibaba?
19:30 Paul Manafort sues saying Russian investigation went to far.
20:00 Kim Jong Un’s nuke button on desk and wants to send athletes to the Olympics.
22:20 Young people in Iran are protesting the budget being published. Protests cause 21 deaths and over 200 injured. The TV show The View’s Joy Behar backs the regime to disagree with Trump.
23:55 Oil prices rise.
25:20 California is now a sanctuary state. Police are forbidden to work with ICE agents.
26:27 CNN has segment in bar smoking a bong on New Year’s Eve.
28:33 Hoda Kotb is Matt Lauer’s replacement with $18 million less salary than Lauer.
30:50 Sen. Hatch will not run again in 2018 opens door for Mitt Romney. Romney’s residence address changes on Twitter account changed to Utah.
31:50 New Jersey autistic teen kills family and another person on New Year’s Eve.
32:40 Ten Americans killed in Costa Rican plane crash.
33:10 Cleveland Browns finish season at 0-16.
33:40 State Department releases more emails that were marked classified.
35:40 HGTV show Fixer Upper hosts are going to have another baby.

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