01:40 On today’s show: Love Hate Betrayal: The DNC, Brazile, and the Clintons
03:45 Donna Brazile leaks inside information to help sell her book due to launch Tuesday.
04:55 Seth Rich murder, DNC worker leaked classified documents to Assange. Hannity was positive he was killed for the leaks, almost lost his job with Fox News over Rich’s murder. Brazile says his murder made her fear for her life, giving Assange’s theory validity.
06:15 Leading the Clintons during the DNC run was worse that Hurricane Katrina.
07:15 Brazile wanted to replace her with Joe Biden when she fainted on 9/11 2016.
08:45 Brazile tells critics to go to hell.
09:40 Brazile says she owes an apology to Julian Assange when he warned about the rigged primary.
10:00 Team Clinton responds to Donna Brazile, calling her a victim of Russian propaganda.
12:00 Texas shooting kills 26 and 20 injured.
14:10 Obamacare premiums to go up substantially. Might not be able to claim insurance payments on taxes.
16:10 Senator Rand Paul attacked by neighbor.
17:20 House begins to revive tax bill from last week.
17:40 NYPD closes in on criminal case for Weinstein.
18:20 Chicago homicides at 593 this year, 3,200 shootings.
19:25 Illinois sex cesspool in government.
20:05 Archaeologist uncover 2,300 year old gym. Proof of Greek life in Egypt.
21:00 Anthony Wiener will surrender to serve his sentence for sexting a teen girl.
21:20 Saudi Arabia cleans house, 11 princes and dozens of former ministers have been detained for corruption.
22:50 Man gets 4 years in jail for sending strippers to neighbors.
23:50 Texas judge gets charged with road rage and pulling a gun on someone, bail set at 25K.
24:40 BMW recalls a million vehicles for spontaneous combustion.
25:10 Complaints grow over Kevin Spacey and sex assault accusations.
26:10 Dutch play about Anne Frank doesn’t mention Jews or Nazis.
26:40 Extreme weather makes for a wine shortage.
27:15 Tip of the day: Republicans and Democrats need to stop waving with outstretched arms to stop looking like Nazis in still shots, suggest waving using jazz hands.
28:10 Antifa no-shows on November 4th.

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A Dueling Dialogue based on the politically charged emails exchanged between Canadian leftist, Connor Murphy, and United States Midwestern conservative, Grace Matthews. Both are writers at The Right Left Chronicles. Away from the bubble and the beltway, alone, together or with a guest, Murphy and Matthews squabble over current issues and events that impact everyday citizens in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the World. It’s unobstructed free speech about politics, media, economy, people, social media, and legislation. Eager listeners with a fascination for presidential politics won’t be disappointed as President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are usually front and center, and rarely far from the topic of the day.