01:40 On today’s show: Donna Brazile Haunted by Seth Rich Murder
06:45 Short rundown of the tax reform and concerns of the 70K to 500K bracket.
10:30 Understanding immigration. Clean out of Springfield, MO, businesses. Whether married or not, if you are in the U.S. illegally, you will be deported to apply through legal channels.
13:20 Petition signed by 31K asking House of Cards, Kevin Spacey to be replaced by Kevin James.
14:35 Virginia democrat Northam beats Ed Gillespie. Transgender woman also elected in Virginia.
16:05 The 2012 Texas gunman escaped from a mental facility.
17:40 Roy Halladay dead in plane crash in Florida.
18:10 One year election anniversary for Trump.
18:30 Weinstein’s lawyer, Boies, hired spies to watch his victims, accusers and journalists.
19:45 Three UCLA players arrested in China on suspicion of shoplifting.
20:55 Minnesota also elects openly transgender person of color, Andrea Jenkins.
21:20 North Korean defectors claim radioactive birth defects.
22:00 Kim Jong Un warns of the abyss of doom if old lunatic remains president.
22:40 Paris opens first nude diner.
23:10 Taco Bell is racist as woman sues because she cannot order “French” fries there.
23:32 Andrew Dice Clay, almost died due to a blocked artery from drinking 15 alcoholic beverages per day and sleeping with over 10,000 women. Finds redemption in church.
24:37 Miley Cyrus demands gun control.
25:05 Taylor Swift gets called white supremacist.
25:35 Five of Johnny Depp’s homes went into foreclosure.
26:05 Jim Beam fired Mila Kunis for sending donations to Planned Parenthood in name of Mike Pence. She calls for boycott of Jim Beam.
27:18 Ed Westwick investigated by LAPD, for raping an actress 3 years ago.
27:40 Stephen Hawking says we must leave Earth in less than 600 years or we’ll implode with the rest of Earth
28:15 Judge imposes gag order over Russian collusion case until May, 2018.
28:42 Montreal’s leftists admit to being anti semitic.
29:45 Covert sneaky act, Nutella has changed their recipe and added more powdered milk and sugar.
31:00 Tip for dems: Use more minions.

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