01:45 On today’s show: Will Michael Flynn Fold to Save Jr?
General Michael Flynn and his son are Mueller’s focus this week. Possibly for kidnap a cleric to send to Turkey for $15 mil.
06:00 Former Facebook pres. Sean Parker decides to come clean. They knew the psychosocial terrors of Facebook.
09:30 A 93 year old WWII vet, Vito Perillo, wins a mayoral seat in Tinton Falls, NJ.
09:55 DOJ refuses merger between AT&T and Time Warner.
10:45 Actor Terry Crews from Brooklyn 9-9, and former NFL linebacker, groped by top Hollywood agent.
12:45 Drug kingpin El Chapo, will undergo tests about solitary confinement.
13:30 Matthew McConaughey together with Wild Turkey, celebrates 48th birthday. Drives around Lawrenceburg, KY, and delivers turkeys to people in need.
14:40 No students proficient in Baltimore, MD, out of 13 schools.
16:30 Woman in NY pulls plug out of fiance’s kayak, gets a sentence of only 16 months to 4 years.
18:00 Sen. Al Green wants Trump impeached by Christmas.
18:50 Trump’s granddaughter sings in Mandarin at state dinner, via video.
19:20 Rumors say Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim when Sheen was 19 and Haim only 14.
20:40 Tax cuts in faceoff between congress and senate.
21:15 Rep. Judge Roy Moore allegedly assaulted three girls in the past.
23:00 Louis C.K.’s new film pulled on sex assault allegations.
23:50 Tip: Social media is great, but get out and literally touch someone.
Happy Veteran’s Day!

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