01:15 On today’s show: Mean Girls or Feminists?
Mean girls, where does feminism stop and mean girls begin? Men and women both prefer working with men. Joining together in group think and entitlement. Bijou Phillips accused of abuse by actor Daniel Franzese.
09:30 Vice president Mike Pence’s newsletter. Stats created since Trump took office. Broadcom limited moving to U.S. from Singapore, will bring $20 billion in revenue to U.S.
10:55 Asia tour coming to an end for Trump. List of purposes of the trip. Trump promises focus on middle America. Urges voters to support one of the tax plans.
12:30 Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner goes to renegotiate his contract. He wants $49.5 million per year. Private jet for life, health insurance for life for his family. Jerry Jones speaks out against the terms and now other owners want him out.
16:10 GE cuts dividends in half.
17:25 Stabbing at Mall of America.
17:45 Author Liz Smith passes away at 94.
18:00 Huge 7.2 earthquake on Iran Iraq border, death toll at 400 and climbing.
18:45 Trump and Putin meet, agree to fight ISIS in Syria.
19:40 Ashley Judd going to tell all on Weinstein.
20:50 Man in NYC falls to death after being caught touching a young boy.
21:30 Sgt. Logan Malgar strangled to death by 2 navy seals after discovering seals stealing bribe money.
22:30 Penn State new video surfaces showing 18 drinks in less than 90 min. and being left to die as a part of hazing. Authorities call for more charges in the case. Eleven have been charged so far in the case and another dozen people may be added to the charges.
25:00 Mitch McConnell believes Judge Roy Moore should step down as he believes his accusers.
26:05 Six women come forward about George H.W. Bush groping them.
26:35 Hannity loses advertisers over Roy Moore interview. Soros cronies may be involved.
28:15 Porto Rico asks for $94 billion for hurricane relief.
29:40 Kaepernick is GQ coverboy athlete of the year.
30:25 Tip of the day: Check your indoor plants if you smell something bad.

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