02:25 On today’s show: What Happened 25 Years Ago.
02:40 Bill Clinton’s 25th anniversary of overthrowing President George H. Bush.
05:45 Britain’s Prince Charles Lady Di separate.
07:00 Los Angeles riots happened.
07:50 Hurricane Andrew pummels Florida.
08:35 Johnny Carson retires and passes torch to Jay Leno.
09:15 Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced.
10:15 Euro Disney opened.
10:23 Barney and Friends make TV debut.
10:48 Cosby Show and Golden Girls wrapped up their TV series.
11:45 NBC Dateline debuts.
11:56 Average price of gas was $1.05. Average household income $30,636.
13:15 Movie Aladin wows moviegoers, with voice of Robin Williams.
13:36 The movie Home Alone 2 debuts.
14:05 Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg was a big hit.
14:15 Ace Golden Globe Awards went to CNN for Gulf War coverage.
14:45 Japan apologizes to Korea for forcing women into sex slavery in WWII.
15:15 49th Golden Globes go to movie Bugsy starring Nick Nolte, and Jodie Foster for the movie Silence of the Lambs.
15:45 Americans With Disabilities Act became law.
16:20 Mike Tyson goes to jail for rape.
16:57 Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers reveal a 12 year affair.
17:18 Magic Johnson’s jersey retired.
17:48 A 16 year old Tiger Woods becomes youngest pro golfer in 35 years.
18:45 Martina Navratilova gets divorced.
19:18 People’s Choice Awards went to, Kevin Costner, Julia Roberts, Candice Bergman, and Bill Cosby.
19:35 Noriega’s wife arrested for stealing buttons off of dresses.
20:15 John Gotti found guilty of multiple charges.
20:50 Madonna signs $60 million contract with Time Warner.
21:30 Micheal Keaton was Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer was Batwoman.
22:00 Ross Perot enters presidential race.
22:40 Leona Helmsley says the rich don’t have to pay taxes.
23:35 New death, no more graves. Since 2015 more people were cremated than buried.
25:10 Charles Manson dead at 83.
25:46 Russell Simmons denies sex assault charges from 1991 while director Brett Ratner watched.
26:55 Merkel under fire in Europe. Her days as a leader may be numbered.
27:42 Mel Tillis dies.
27:52 Al Franken has another accuser.
28:15 Churches arm their entrances this week.
28:38 Actress Della Reese dies at 86.
28:45 Malcolm Young dies.
28:56 Trump designates North Korea as a sponsor to terror.

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