01:26 On today’s show: Draining The Swamp
01:40 Trump has global effects. Boeing loses Canadian contract worth over $5 billion.
03:30 The swamp runs through most of the media.
04:50 The secret roast for Matt Lauer at the Friar’s Club back in 2008. Lots of celebs were very aware of what Lauer was like even back in 2008.
07:45 Martha Stewart called Lauer the C@ck of the Rock during her speech.
08:45 The roast was known as sexist, racist, and homophobic with obscene jokes.
11:10 Mediation agreements may be the reason nobody has been charged with sexual assault. Sometimes it may even be a court ordered gag order.
17:55 Scarborough and Mika’s hypocritical statements on NBC ethics.
20:15 Trump was at the Lauer roast. Maybe it’s why everyone wants Trump out, because he has dirt on them?
22:45 Will all these sexual assault cases cause companies to be scared to hire men?
24:15 The #metoo movement is Time Magazine’s persons of the year.
25:00 Al Franken announced speaking tomorrow, most think it’s likely that he’s going to step down.
25:45 Corey Feldman is expected to come forward to exposed a ring of Hollywood pedophiles.
27:40 Trump announces moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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