For decades, the armed forces of the United States, especially units classified as special operations such as the Marines Recon or the Army’s Special Forces, have taken on the role of world police. They have been involved in countless so-called “peacekeeping missions” that, time and again, have led to needless casualties and animosity between nations. However, like it or not, America tends to step in and re-create nations in its own image. As the saying goes, those who can’t do, teach. The notion that the American government has developed the ultimate political system is a dubious proposition at best. One is hard pressed to find evidence supporting that idea, and evidence to the contrary is ubiquitous — voter fraud, corruption, deceit, and shadow deals such as Iran Contra or the CIA training Osama Bin Laden and his troops. Our system requires enormous wealth to obtain political office and encourages the endless allegations and mudslinging that so pollutes the voter’s mind.

Yet, on top of all of that, the United States will deploy its armed forces to far-off lands to usurp governments and install their own — in the name of democracy, of course. This arrogance would be laughable if not for the tragic loss of life in its name. An old saying may come to mind: Physician, heal thyself! Should America not look at its internal problems, its questionable ethics and morals, its faulty governmental systems, and work to correct from within before distributing them throughout the rest of the world? How can a nation invade and remove another nation’s government and replace it with their own, still-faulty system? Is democracy, broken or otherwise, the best? This is a fallacy, since, in America’s short time, only two ideological outlooks — Democratic and Republican — have held any power here. No. It’s the only government that works. This is not exactly a laboratory for politics, unlike many other countries in the world — countries that have seen dictatorships, monarchies, and communism. Of course, many political ideologies look good on paper. It is when people with less-than-ethical intent come to power and manipulate the system to their personal gain that these ideologies’ faults are exposed.

In this light, democracy, on paper, is a great system that offers the moral and ethical treatment all individuals deserve. All the same, until the United States fixes itself from within and can show the rest of the world that a democratic society is a worthy pursuit, it will remain an often unwelcome and unrequested intervention to those under the boot of the American military. Perhaps instead if America showed more political promise — actually practiced within its borders what it preached, say — then other nations would more willingly want to follow in its footsteps. There would be no need for full military conflict. The people would make the change and merely need assistance, not force. Others could look to America as a model, a guide to true individual freedom. But, before that, America needs to heal itself.

One would be hard pressed to point out even one instance in which any nation ever really asked the United States to take on such a burden. The fact is no nation or collective of nations ever asked America to become the world enforcer of justice. NATO is merely an alliance and has no authority to enforce the laws of its nations on the rest of the world. The American government instead adopted the mantle with brute force, political and social manipulation, and vast wealth. Very few nations could stand against such industrial and military might — not to mention the arrogant determination that borders on egomaniacal obsession to dominate and indoctrinate American democracy wherever possible.

Has the world ever seen this before? Well. Yes. Countless empires have attempted to control the world, however, none ever have. Yes, some have come close — Rome and England come to mind — but, nevertheless, like every empire before, they failed and are either extinct or a shadow of their former selves. The American Empire could now be in its final throes — and about to meet the same as any other over-reaching empire. It’s losing credibility as the purveyor of ethical enforcement. After all, the idea is absurd that a nation could enforce moral and ethical code yet take lives in order to do so. Feeble attempts at diplomatic resolution seem rehearsed and half-hearted. It seems the American government would rather raze nations then help raise ethical children of despot nations with education and proper moral guidance. If America would try to do the latter, then, perhaps, when those children become the leaders of those nations, they would know how to phase out the warlord mentality of their nations and make corrections that, while maybe not exactly congruent with America’s democracy, would be a democracy nonetheless.

Would that not be the ultimate goal? That everyone is living free, in their own way?

Until America establishes and creates a true democracy, with equality and tolerance for all, then it is unethical for the United States military and government to force a broken system on another country.