Dear Connor,

Regretfully, it’s been a while. I hope these words find you well.

It seems as if the world and particularly the United States is chaotic, restless, and more violent now than at any time that I can remember. Intolerance has risen to a level where opposing views are met with a disdain that often sparks a downright abusive response.

Our previous exchanges regarding politics and the state of things became heated — at least, most of the time. But I always believed that, in the end, we grasped where the other stood, and that small emotional response changed each of us just a little. Rarely did it cause us to completely abandon a view, and we never lost our respect for one another. I miss that sort of understanding.
All the turmoil has me turning to you, my friend. Living here in the heart of the US, I’m ashamed to admit that you are my only true contact with the liberal view. There are plenty of left-leaning individuals, but few of them are progressive. It’s acute and just another missing link that compounds the differences in the vast region between the coastlines. Perhaps it won’t change my outlook, but your insight as an intuitive liberal Canadian observing the US and the rest of the world from your unique perspective can provide a window for me to see what I may not ever understand — that is, if you are willing to share. Of course, knowing you, you are only too eager to share. I will try not to be naïve, as I understand there will always be issues that we can find agreement upon and those upon which we will never agree, but I do believe balance is always at least possible.

As you know, I’m a capitalistic, loving conservative who leans to the left on issues related to social freedom. Like most people, I like to believe my views are logical and intellectually well thought out. However, experience teaches me that the correct pathway to understanding rests somewhere in the middle, between right and left, amid right and wrong, and ultimately in the twilight betwixt light and dark.

I know what you’re thinking, Connor: “She’s so damn theatrical.” And you might be correct.

Recently, the center in expression of political viewpoints has become a giant, dark hole that swallows anyone who dares to approach a negotiated position. It is so dangerous: Radicals on the right, radicals on the left. What will be the ultimate outcome? I fear, on a cold, lonely night in the dead of winter, we will become the Communist equivalent of 1945 Poland.

Please, let me know if you are willing to banter about the problems of society with an old friend.



Connor’s Reply