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Dear Grace,

Yes, it’s been too long since we last communicated. I hope this finds you well, also. I’m doing well, just like most of Canada, with our noses pressed up to the glass and looking south of the border, waiting in eager anticipation to see what will happen next.

If there is one thing left for me to believe in, it’s that every opinion matters. Yes, we did get into some heated discussions, but there were never any bad feelings. We can both be passionate in our opinions, but it’s the difference of opinions that makes the world more interesting. Unfortunately, some take that much too far and cross the line into violence, pushing humanity back two steps in evolution.

I think one reason we get along so well is that we both know that “alone” feeling. I think every country has vast differences in political opinion. Here in Canada, the Liberals are all out east, and the Progressives are mostly in the west. So often I, too, feel like I’m on an island, alone with my opinions. Yes, of course, I actually do live on an island, but I meant that metaphorically.

To me it seems the ones in the center are getting ripped to shreds by the squeaky loose wheels on the far left and far right. Sooner or later, the wheels are going to fall off and tip the apple cart. I think all Canada thinks so as well. It’s why we’re so interested in seeing what will eventually happen south of the border. Some of the antics of the Trump administration resemble some Hollywood production, but nobody could actually make this stuff up.

I honestly wish I had a crystal ball or that I could flip to the end of the book for a little peek at what will eventually happen in your country and with Trump. A lot has happened since we last spoke, so I’m very curious to hear your opinions on some of the latest developments. It has all been so surreal to watch. You waking up in the Communist equivalent of 1945 Poland doesn’t sound so crazy. If I were you, I’d plant a few more rows of potatoes, just to be on the safe side. Unless Trump has plans for a new potato tax, of course.

So, my friend, what do you think is going to happen?



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