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Dear Grace,

Glad to hear you’re doing well also. I love the imagery you provided with your fish bowl. But watch out for those pesky sharks when they start searching for their next meal. I used to think Trump swam with those sharks, but, now, I’m not so sure. I think those sharks smell blood in the water with this Russia situation.

This time, I don’t think any media distraction is going to work — you know, where Trump dangles some shiny object as he desperately flounders and tries to deflect attention away from what really went on between him and Russia.

Election reform is always on the radar in every provincial or federal election in Canada. Truth is, nobody knows what would happen with electoral reform, either. What’s that even look like? Nobody’s been able to agree on this. Seriously, I doubt electoral reform will ever happen in our lifetime. The winning party always promises reform. Then, as soon as they’re elected, it’s all hush until the next election, as they sweep it under the rug in fear that it’ll hurt their chances of re-election.

Our forefathers created a democratic voting system that is based on population as well. So, now less-populated areas in the middle of Canada have less and less say, as people move into more urban areas. Usually elections are decided by the bigger cities, and the rest of the province, state, or country is left out in the cold. They have opinions that matter, but even if they shouted them out of a bullhorn, nobody would actually hear them. Except maybe for a moose and the odd beaver here and there.

It’s that same Electoral College you mention that puzzled the rest of the world: How does a man like Trump became POTUS? However, when you factor in Hillary’s failed campaign, it becomes a bit more understandable. Let’s face it: She may just be the most un-liked leader in Democratic history. I think the outcome of the election would have been much different if Bernie would have been the one to face off against Trump.

I don’t think you have anything to fear about any reform in the near future. But, maybe we should be fearing things if there is no reform! Times change, the world changes, people change. This is not the same world it was when our forefathers agreed on the Constitution.

Reform is progress. Without it, humanity doesn’t progress. I really don’t think our forefathers drew up the Constitution to stop progress. But here we are, stuck in a vicious non-reform circle.



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