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Dear Grace,

You raise a lot of good questions, but I’m confident the public will never find out what really went on or whether the Russians influenced the election at all. These accusations have been flying around for months, yet nobody seems to know how the Russians would have accomplished this alleged election tampering. Will someone take the fall? Likely, but so far I haven’t really seen any hard evidence of any crime being committed. So far, it’s just been a bunch of accusations.

Sure, Trump can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants, but since he’s started wagging his gums to some questionable countries, the allies have lost confidence in him. What that means is that future classified information is likely to be withheld from the U.S., in fears that Trump is going to spill more beans to the wrong people.

I’m really not sure any analyst knows who the fall guys are going to be, but I’m sure there will be some heads on the chopping block. The whole thing does look like a witch-hunt for Trump. But, maybe it’s planned chaos to distract the public away from the real truth. Just watch CNN for a few hours, and it starts to resemble a feces-flinging war in the monkey cage at the zoo.

The media is a huge influence on public opinion, and the media has to be held more responsible. The Washington Post seems to be the media target lately, and rightly so. Publishing an article on “evidence” that the journalist has never seen is horribly wrong. It certainly looks bad for all media when they publish click-bait titles with no facts.

Let’s face it: Trump loves to fire people. They made a TV show out of it. So we’ll have to tune into next week’s show to see who else gets fired. Most likely, someone outside his staff is going to be the one to take the punishment. A lot of people at the top, in big, powerful positions, start to believe they’re above the law, so someone could definitely see jail time or worse. That’s just my opinion — no facts to back anything up, which is my point.

I think the Trump haters are never going to give up trying to oust him from office. We could possibly see this go on for his entire term in office. But unless they reveal some hard evidence, it all remains a witch-hunt.



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