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Dear Connor,

According to the news, as long as Donald J. Trump is President of the United States, every day is potentially Doomsday. The press aren’t the only ones saying this. Days, maybe even moments, after President Trump’s inauguration, scientists moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. Was this based on media rumor or something more concrete? I don’t have a clue. Nevertheless, according to the hands on the Atomic Clock, the end-of-time is at less than 2.5 minutes to midnight. Midnight represents the time at which we will succeed at annihilating ourselves. To be clear, man will destroy man, or perhaps more accurately, according to the media, it is the annihilation of man by Trump.

Again, although technically the Doomsday Clock has historically represented the atomic destruction of humanity, apparently everything Trump does moves the clock closer to the end. In fact, according to one reporter, his lack of self-control was exhibited when he entertained some children at the White House. During the visit, the staff served ice cream and water to the children. Alone in the crowd, our out-of-control President indulged in two scoops of ice cream and a Diet Coke. According to her, he lacks even minimal self-control. Damn, I wonder what she would think about that handful of potato chips I ate the other day, after I swore to stay away from them. She’d probably have me locked up. I wonder if it would be jail or a mental institution? Oh, my goodness! What about happy hour? Thank heavens she doesn’t have my address.

The doom and gloom is becoming ridiculous, and you have to wonder how fearful people will handle all of the talk they hear on television. With chatter, according to various television news reports, here’s but a few of Trump’s Doomsday initiatives: a new health plan that leaves Americans dying in the streets, tax cuts that will make paupers out of the middle class, a pipeline that will destroy all of our drinking water, deregulation of coalmines that are sure to cause asthma that will reach epidemic proportions, and, of course, the decision to pull out of the Paris Accord, a single move sure to destroy our superpower status and soon usher us to the end.

Despite the fact that the weather in my city hasn’t been predicted correctly for more than a week, scientists are sure that the end is near and that they know exactly what the Earth’s temperature will be in 100 years. Of course, we must all be good stewards and take care of the planet, but is the failure of the United States to participate in the Paris Accord really a matter that will result in the imminent destruction of mankind? Are we so callous that we will leave sick people to lie in the streets and die?

Truthfully, Connor, I worry more about our vulnerability leading to a seizure of power than I do about any policy error. Our current system allows us to amend flawed policy. Another government might not be so kind.



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