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Dear Grace,

I take the Doomsday Clock as an artistic impression of the state of mankind. But, do they ever move it back when positive things happen? Like free tuition, minimum income, and free healthcare in some countries? But as an artistic opinion, the Doomsday Clock speaks volumes.

It’s not very surprising that they moved the clock when Trump became president. During his campaign, he was a comedy of errors that could have potentially wound that clock into tomorrow. If Hillary had become POTUS, I’m sure they’d have moved the clock, too.

The thing that amazes me is that I thought his staff would have gotten him under control by now, but it seems like some may have tried but got to hear the famous, “You’re fired,” in person. Which, I think, is certainly going to eventually bite him in the ass.

For him to say he doesn’t believe in climate change, is basically saying he doesn’t believe in science. A president who doesn’t recognize that fact is a scary thought. What’s scary about it is that he doesn’t seem to care that decisions are based on facts, and science is all factual data that someone is able to prove unless it’s labeled as “theory.” So a president who is not making decisions on facts is a super-scary thought. Especially with the power he has as POTUS.

I know that almost all press about Trump is negative or bashing him over and over, but he hasn’t made any changes to his previous actions because he’s got zero self-awareness — and I mean zero. Just watch the awkwardness of The Donald when he refused to shake the hand of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. Or, all the pictures of his strange and awkward yanking handshakes, never mind trying to constantly grab Melania’s hand, only to have her pull her hand away or slap away his attempts. So, to have this guy actually have access to the red button is a scary thought, with all his past actions.

Let’s face it: We shouldn’t allow him to have a Twitter account, and we trust him as one of the most powerful men on Earth? Yikes! I’m actually surprised they didn’t move that Doomsday Clock into next week when he Tweeted this the other day:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Well, he blew up the Internet with “covfefe” and made himself a bigger laughingstock than ever. What in the world? I once got a similar cryptic text message from a friend, but he was drunk and fell asleep on the crapper. So was The Donald drunk on the crapper Tweeting away, or did he have a slight stroke? In either case, I hope they hid the real red button from him and gave him one of those big red plastic “It’s Easy” buttons from Staples’ stationery supplies.

I don’t think the negative press will stop, either. The other day I saw a picture on Facebook of five European leaders mocking Trump’s orb pic. This stuff will continue if someone doesn’t get Trump under control. Honestly, he’s like a rebelling teenager most of the time, and everyone around him is too scared to try to bring him under control.

I can’t help but think he’s on a downward spiral, and a seizure of power just may happen. So, that does create a lot of unsettling questions. Unless Trump smartens up and starts behaving like a world leader. But who are we kidding here? There’s way too much “covfefe” in his brain for any of that to happen.



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