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Dear Grace,

Ah, yes: the muddy Comey swamp  or maybe better described as a sh*t-flinging match at the zoo’s monkey cage. Once again, the whole world had their noses pressed up against the glass, watching the debacle unfold. And it turned out like going to see the premiere of Water World all over again. “A whole lotta nothing” is right.

I do have to say, Comey admitting to being the leak was shocking. At least he was honest. But, his entire testimony made him look like an angry teenager trying to seek revenge. He is more than disgruntled — he was seeking to hurt Trump any way he could, and that was more than obvious. And I agree, the thought of him as head of the FBI is frightening. To admit to the leak tells me Comey really believes he is untouchable. He’s lucky we weren’t still living in the dark ages, or the king would have had his head in a basket months ago.

Other than the leak, there was nothing of real substance left. None of the juicier questions that people wanted to hear the answers to were answered in the open session. Otherwise, it was all opinion, with little to no facts or evidence.

It could be that he did use the Bureau’s equipment on purpose and in order to secure his notes as evidence, but they’re his notes, with no facts or evidence. The only “facts” are that there is nothing there and that it all made him look bad in the end. Did Comey think he knew what he was doing but it backfired on him? I do.

Comey admitting to be weak was his biggest fail. That right there basically gave Trump the right to fire him on the spot. The FBI needs a strong leader, not a weak one, but maybe that’s what Comey is used to — playing the sleeping giant and then broadsiding them when they least expect it. If that’s the case, he failed miserably. But it also makes me wonder how many innocent people have been screwed over by his shady tactics. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few skeletons tumble out of Comey’s closet in the next few months.

I just feel this Russian investigation is going to be another “big bunch of nothing.” However, it’s going to go on for a while yet, as it’s clearly being supported by the Democrats. Hillary has been taking her shots at Trump publicly for a while, stating it’s only a matter of time before he’s impeached. But again, just like Comey, this is all just opinion with little to no facts or evidence, so it’s just sh*t flinging in the monkey cage once again.

These certainly are crazy times, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. There will always be the far left and far right duking it out, and it seems they’ve moved even farther apart since Trump entered the game. It’s not surprising that the markets remained strong; not everyone out there is getting fooled by smear-Trump campaigns. Hillary’s not relevant anymore, so her crying wolf means nothing now, either. However, it’s still not going to stop Comey, Clinton, or anyone else from trying to dethrone Trump.



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