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Dear Connor,

If a person is part of The Resistance movement, what do they stand for?

Yesterday, I had a friend tell me that she’d joined “The Resistance Party.” I thought, Wow! It’s a whole party now? Conservatives couldn’t ask for a better gift. Shocked, honestly, I don’t think I said anything.

She then told me with venom spewing from her words, “I hope Trump fails.”

I asked, “Is that the same as hoping America fails?” She didn’t answer. I finished by explaining that I could never hope that a United States president — of either party — would fail. The idea that any American would want the president to fail is preposterous.

 “We’re a grassroots movement fighting against the hateful and authoritarian agenda of Donald Trump and the radical right.” — The Resistance Party Statement

Their statement is clear regarding what they are against but makes no claims about doing something positive for any group. This is the movement of and for angry people. The individuals who organized and belong to this group are so angry they are failing to realize the diminishing impact this will have on the Democratic Party. These are people so emotionally damaged by the election results most of them cannot utter the words “President Trump.” There are a number who refuse to acknowledge his presidency. I’m shaking my head: From where does this intense anger come?

Do the founding members target a certain profile of people? Do they prey upon people like TV’s Raymond Barone, a person happy being unhappy. Or, worse, is there a darker personality profile in play?

Disagreeing on policy is fine, but it is very different than hoping for the personal or physical demise of another person, especially for the most powerful person in the free world. Connor, it’s true what they say, “If the president of the United States sneezes, the world catches cold.” So, I simply do not understand hoping for failure that could send one’s own country or our worldwide neighbors into a crisis.

There seems to be no reasoning with the members of The Resistance. Prior to and on the heels of the congressional baseball practice shooting, even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to tone things down by publicly admitting she did not hope the president would fail and that talk of impeachment should cease because it’s baseless. Step forward into today, less than a couple of weeks from the shooting, and the radical-left resistance is calling for her to step down. This is an illogical idea that is further disrupting the process of creating a cohesive Democratic Party.

In recent days, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have openly joined forces in the name of The Resistance. Both Senators are liberal, with Sanders identifying as a social democrat and Warren as a progressive democrat. If this is a 2020 presidential-election ticket, it’s a gift. Any official descent from the Democratic Party by these two party offshoots could be responsible for splitting the Democratic Party in half. This would almost guarantee that the White House would remain conservative in 2020.

This mayhem among the left wing should send the right wing into a weekend-party mode!



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