Read Grace’s Letter


Dear Grace,

So sorry to hear of your struggles — big hugs! I’ve also missed our letters and was glad to see this in my inbox this morning. I’ve been busy watching all the drama south of the border once again. Lately it’s been like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and I can’t look away. I have a lot of compassion and empathy in my heart for people with disabilities in the US, and I can’t even imagine how much tougher it must be for them than it would be if they lived in Canada.

During our little break, I had a bone scan done. What did it cost me? Nothing. I probably could not afford one without being covered, without having healthcare insurance. Since 2012, I’ve had two dozen operations — five major surgeries and six weeks of radiation therapy. Cost? Nothing. So, it’s really hard for me to guess what it would be like to live south of the border.

However, there is one thing that remains the same with both countries — self-serving politicians. We see the same thing here. First, the opposition party always calls for political reform. We vote them in, and once they get elected, they’re too scared to bring in any reform that may topple their apple cart and knock them off the throne. Our last Premiere of British Columbia often talked about creating a dynasty with some projects they were supporting in BC. These were not projects that the people wanted; they were the wishes of the leading political party. But now, we’re seeing talk about some of those initiatives being frozen or tossed out altogether. Why? We have a minority government now. A majority in the house is 44 seats. After the latest election, Liberals had 43 seats, New Democrats had 41, and the Green Party 3. So our new government has been formed with the NDP and the GP joining forces to form a minority government. So far, in light of recent government actions and directions, this seems to be working better for the people.

Whether this will last remains to be seen. But it’s easy to see the difference in government when they have too much majority power in the house. Now, they have no choice but to tread lightly and make careful decisions that the people want in order for them to get a majority out of the next election. Then, I imagine, it would quickly revert to self-serving dynasty builders once again.

Yes, I have zero faith in any politician. In fact, I think I’m becoming a political atheist, because they all seem to be that same, self-serving POS once they get elected. While Trump and his posse try to figure out how to kill Obamacare, people are dying and going bankrupt, and no politician in your country seems to give two shits about it. Maybe it’s because most politicians will never know what it’s like to live disabled. Maybe it’s time we elected some disabled people into office?

Cheers and hugs!