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If he sneezes outside the crook of his arm, someone is waiting in a hazmat suit screaming, “Impeach!” In this war of words, history will not be kind to the participants; Trump, the mainstream media, and Democratic leaders will most assuredly stand accused of fueling a national tragedy.

If there was ever a problem — and I don’t think Trump is a buffoon — but our forefathers created a government resistant to fools in the White House. With the attention and good judgement of both parties in the legislative branch and to some degree the judicial branch, the checks and balances prevent a federal disaster. The war of words in the form of name calling and bullying is unnecessary — that is, of course, unless the intention is to provoke relevance through the media to fuel unrest among constituents.

Remember: Watergate-type hearings on the Hill make rock stars out of legislators. Trump’s personality, style, and his followers’ profiles make it too tempting for the opposition — from both parties — not to engage in a little grandstanding. We are in a political situation that has everyone begging for relevance. Like my mother always said: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Without a doubt, a considerable number of prominent people intend to impeach President Donald J. Trump. So, what might we all get in return?

Main Street or Wall Street? Let me tell you something you may not be aware of: Main Street and Wall Street are married. It doesn’t matter who you are or what party you sympathize with. Wall Street dictates how you live. Since the election in November of 2016, the stock market is $4 trillion richer. That is 15% added on to the total pre-election value of the market.

So, what does impeachment threaten?

Remember the Great Recession of 2008? In ten months’ time, since the election, despite a decade of low or slow economic growth, and even negative job growth, we have moved further away from the catastrophic financial meltdown that devastated most of the population. It would be nearly impossible to find an individual company, school, municipality, state, or local government that does not depend on the market to keep essential services funded and running.

The first that comes to mind is the popular “pensions for early retirement” that a great many Baby Boomers are currently depending upon to live. If those pension funds go broke, the United States would have a lot of old people needing work. Many, like teachers, do not qualify for Social Security.

In 2008 and beyond, many pensions were put at risk of a shutdown, primarily due to shrinking investments and a virtually collapsed Wall Street. Impeach Trump, and a repeat would be imminent. The market hates uncertainty!

And, if the market collapse isn’t enough on its own, I haven’t even mentioned the trickle-down effects on housing, inflation, and pretty much everything else. Investments single-handedly fuel this country. One may hate capitalism, but their way of life is funded by it.

Undoubtedly, impeachment would mean an even greater delay in healthcare reform. Obamacare is collapsing. The industry is responsible for 20% of the country’s GDP, and, according to the CMS, it is expected to rise 5.6% annually over the next decade. This means that, by 2023, it will exceed 50% of the entire GDP. What will this mean to the aging Baby Boomers? Yikes! Healthcare failure alone could fuel a financial meltdown.

Certainly, tax cuts would take a backseat to the impeachment process and grandstanding. Without tax cuts, trillions of U.S. dollars stay on foreign soil, keeping growth anemic and paychecks lame. We are already seeing industries suffer as the tone of government moves away from tax cuts. The auto industry is already officially in recession, a situation that could be eased by promised tax legislation.

Hoping for President Trump’s failure is synonymous with the idea of impeachment. I’m not the most dedicated Trumpet, but this idea sickens me. Nevertheless, Trump has an army of dedicated supporters, and the winds of the times are turbulent.

How bad would oppositional retaliation be?? Would the pros versus the cons automatically stop bickering as a response to impeachment and just fade into a lovelier dimension?  I don’t think so. Haters on both sides are going to hate more, at least in the short run. Still, while we are busy hating each other, we’re left vulnerable to global retaliation.

Besides making us a laughingstock globally, an impeachment would open a window for the likes of ISIS, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, extremists in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and perhaps even Russia, to take advantage and bid their wills upon the U.S. and its interests.

The odds of impeachment, according to The Telegraph in the UK, project that, by 2018, there is a 48% chance of impeachment or resignation and, by the end of 2020, a 58% chance. Luckily, in recent days, these numbers have begun to trend downward; previously, they were much higher.

Any time our government becomes vulnerable, we must proceed with caution. Remember: power is most easily achieved by controlling finances and basic needs like food and healthcare. It is next to impossible to take over these necessities without a systemic failure. We must always be cautious of situations that can make our system vulnerable.

It is easy to be seduced by politicians with an agenda. In fact, their agenda can lure us all into a soup line, only to be greeted at the end of the line with an empty ladle. Let’s always be mindful of the checks and balances our forefathers put in place as law. It is a masterful plan that keeps “we the people” in control of our lives with a reasonable amount of laws to keep total chaos at bay.

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