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Let’s be honest: Leakers are backstabbers. Every time I hear about government leakers, I think of the song by the O’Jays “Back Stabbers.”

As I was preparing for today’s broadcast, in my mind’s eye I saw President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson like they were in Saudi Arabi doing the sword dance. Two overweight older men shifting their weight from side to side, swaying to the beat, pretending they’re dancing. After a few minutes, the initial embarrassment dies down, so they lift their arms as if they are learning to walk for the first time. With their arms out, stabilizing their balance, their torsos begin to move, still swaying to the music; they begin to smile and take a couple of steps. It’s what they do. Imagine they start to awkwardly repeat the words to “Back Stabbers.”

Trump begins:

“All the time they want to take your place (back stabbers) Oh, no — there’s Hillary. She’s smiling in your face.

Now, all you fellows who really care…then it’s all of you fellows that better beware, Yeah, watch out, Putin.  

A few of your buddies, they sure look shady like Kim Jong Un.

Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist

Aimin’ straight at your back

And I don’t think they’ll miss

It’s what they do.

They smile in your face

All the time they want to take your place

The back stabbers — Watch out! It’s James Comey

I keep gettin’ all these visits from my friends — what they doin’ to me?

They come to the White House again, and again and again

What can I do to get on the right track?

I wish they would take some of these knives off my back — Stop it, Robert Mueller! 

They smile in your face

All the time they want to take your place.

The back stabbers — Susan Rice is watchin’ you

Lowdown, dirty

What they do!”

Rex comes in and takes over:

“Mr. President

They smile in your face

Smiling faces…smiling faces sometimes tell lies — back stabbers

They smile in your face

We don’t need lowdown dirty b_______ — they’re back stabbers.”

If you work for any branch of government in the United States or Canada and you are a leaker, take a good look at your smilin’ face ’cause you are nothing more than a low-life backstabber.

You can join, Judas, Benedict Arnold, or any of the rest of the betrayers, traitors, backstabbers and leakers — they’re all synonymous with “defector” or “traitor.”

Who are these backstabbing leakers? Are they Obama holdovers who are potentially part of a shadow government made up of dissidents loyal to the previous administration? Or, are they part of an egotistical competitive power play by Trump’s people?

So far, the biggest leaker seems to be former FBI director James Comey, along with former NSA advisor Susan Rice. So, let’s talk about James Comey and Susan Rice.

How many government documents did James Comey take with him when he was fired from his post at the FBI?

According to Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton, the former director of the FBI confirmed the leaks himself. Comey admitted that he often created notes after his meetings with President Trump. Comey also admitted that, after he left the FBI, he sent some of the notes to Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman for the purpose of leaking them to the press. It is the belief of many that the professor eventually gave them to the FBI. Originals or copies, we just don’t know.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton argued on June 14, 2017, to acting director Andrew McCabe, “These memoranda were created by Mr. Comey while serving as FBI director, were written on his FBI laptop, and concerned official government business. As such, they indisputably are records subject to the Federal Records Act.”

Fitton continues, “As you may be aware, the Federal Records Act imposes a direct responsibility on you to take steps to recover any records unlawfully removed from the FBI.”

Even after Comey’s memo was read to The New York Times, the FBI refused to release the memoranda. So, ultimately, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request. It was ignored, leading them to file suit.

Tom Fitton said, “That we have to sue in federal court to get a document that was read to The New York Times is a scandal. This Comey memo should be released forthwith and, frankly, the president can and should order its immediate release.”

All of this for a memo that had already been uncovered — a leak that Comey claimed was, by design, to get independent counsel appointed to investigate the Trump team.

Why did he need to leak? Why didn’t he bring the issue to the DOJ or the acting FBI director? Why is it okay that he leaked government documents?

Is Judicial Watch the only organization truly committed to draining the swamp? I’m wondering.

The National Security Council informed Judicial Watch that the documents revealing National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s identity unmasking were sent to Barack Obama’s library, where they are conveniently kept closed for five years under the Presidential Records Act.

Amazing, huh?

So, what happens next?

Remember early in the year when Donald Trump complained that Trump Tower was being wiretapped by the Obama administration? Oh, my gosh, Trump was called crazy; people complained he was a madman. They reported that, these days, no one would be wiretapped, anyway, since technology had come too far for such an old-school request. Really? It gets better.

Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano doubled down on the idea. He claimed British intelligence officials substantiated the claim. The Brits denied that claim, and Fox suspended the Judge for two weeks. The Judge never wavered. He stood by his claim even upon his return to the network.

Now, here we are six months later, and we learn that President Trump and Judge Andrew Napolitano were exactly right. Will there be any apologies? Geez, they probably won’t even receive an acknowledgement.

According to The New York Times: On an early July morning, former Trump campaign manager Paul J. Manafort was in bed when federal agents picked the locks at his Virginia home and raided the premises for documents. They were looking for proof of offshore bank accounts. This was on the heels of what was described as an offer for a cooperative interview by Mr. Manafort.

The New York Times claims special counsel Robert S. Mueller III followed the search with a promise to indict Manafort.

I’m wondering: What has provoked such aggression?

According to reports, U.S. officials began surveilling Paul Manafort before and after the 2016 election. The warrant was obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Paul Manafort has a business office and apartment in Trump’s Manhattan Tower. Hmm. Is this vindication for Trump and Napolitano?

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “So Obama was wiretapping @RealDonaldTrump after all — once again Trump is right & the media hyenas prove to be wrong.”

So, exactly who did Susan Rice unmask? Was it President Trump or other members of the Trump family and team? And, if it was routine, why did she send them to the Obama Library to be sealed for five years?

Surely, no one is ignorant enough to believe they would have actually ask for a warrant to surveil Trump. No, they would get someone else in the building who had access to Trump.

For criminal purposes, it’s almost a perfect political crime, since no one will pay the price!

Still, the mainstream media is screaming, “No vindication” for Trump since Obama did not personally request the tap (as if he would on paper…hah!) and the warrant was not specifically for Trump (again as if it would be…hah!).

It’s what they do…

Smiling faces sometimes tell lies!

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