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The concept has been around for a long time, but recently the context has changed: shadow government. Many have romanticized it by dubbing it a conspiracy theory. It has never been as elusive as storytellers have claimed.

Are there secrets? I hope so.

Most of the modern presidential administrations have been a part of it. The shadow government was the DC establishment and all that implied. It is the swamp. Think tanks, specific media, certain businesspeople, career government employees, and many elected officials.

It is easier to point out the administrations that were not a part of the shadow rather than those that were. Supposedly those that were not were: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and, finally, Donald Trump.

You see, they have never been terribly particular about the party. Often, the establishment has two candidates running, one Democrat and one Republican. Theoretically, this is not much different than two fraternity brothers running for president of their shared fraternity. Sure, the sponsors might have a preference for a winner, but the ideas are virtually the same.

In the days leading up to an election cycle, backroom deals are made and secret dinners in country homes are hosted by those who feel they have earned the right to set the stage, And, truthfully, their candidates usually agree because they need the support. You see, more often than not, the candidate with the shadow government’s support wins — or did, until the last three presidential elections. Of course, it is the meetings and venues where the secret agenda is formed and agreed upon that is an eerie reality that many see as downright evil and destructive to the Republic.

Before we move on to the current situation, I must point out: There is a greater, Global movement that is fueled primarily by the same DC and others — generally American businessmen — that do turn the wheels for the Global movement, often referred to as “The New World Order.” Again, not as secretive as one might first believe. It is just the opposite of the nationalist view with which most ordinary Americans naturally identify and Donald Trump so seamlessly tapped into.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, because Barack Obama was not part of the groomed and schooled DC establishment. Nonetheless, the one idea he shared with the establishment is the ideal of Globalism. However, the buck stops there.

Progressives exist on both sides, Republican and Democrat. It is a way of politicking that, at its core, is elitist, and the swamp is filled with them on both sides of the aisle. Their main function is to frame an idea or circumstance in such a way that they receive the response they want. This form of governing keeps America divided as the super-wealthy and powerful maintain their political status.

According to linguist and philosopher George Lakoff, the conservative mind manifests from the influence of a “strict father model.” The liberal mind is the result of the “nurturant mother model.”

Lakoff claimed, “Our ordinary conceptual system, in terms of which we both think and act, is fundamentally metaphorical in nature.”

This concept explains, at least in part, how, politically speaking, our ideas and choices often defy our general behavior. More importantly, it is a concept that works wonders for politicians — or at least it has in the past.

Understand, Lakoff is a progressive with ideas that are so far left that it makes me fearful. However, he “gets” the political mind, and that makes his teachings even more concerning. I call his work from his book The Political Mind “…a terrifying yet brilliant playbook for communism….” My copy was given to me by one of Obama’s ACORN workers during his first run for the presidency.

Anyway, Lakoff explains, “Social change is material (who controls what wealth), institutional (who runs what powerful institutions), and political (who wins elections).”

In the swamp, it is the same for both sides. Lakoff continues, “But the main battlefield of the culture war is in the brain, especially how the brain functions below the level of consciousness.”

Lakoff describes the winning territory for new government or social change can be located and conquered in the “…98% of thinking your brain does that you’re not aware of. Most of it matters for politics. The mind that we cannot see plays an enormous role in how our country is governed.”

The fact that we believe differently has made us vulnerable. Lakoff says, “Most of us inherited a theory of mind dating back at least to the Enlightenment, namely that reason is conscious, literal, logical, unemotional, disembodied, universal, and functions to serve our interest.”

Surely, we must admit Lakoff has a point: Most of us are ruled by emotions, yet we believe, at least outwardly, that we make decisions based on logic.

I believe that it’s true and that it all worked very nicely for a long time. We kept the powerbrokers powerful, and then we elected a new kind of powerbroker: Barack Obama. His campaign was all about empathy, identity politics, and Globalism. It all worked beautifully in just the way George Lakoff described.

Obama’s presidency birthed a new shadow government, slightly more elusive than the swamp’s historic semi-secret government.

So, what do we do now?

We have the old swamp, DC-rich guy shadow government. The new, progressive, Obama-style shadow government is still working on the inside. And now, we have The Trump Awakening — a populist, nationalist, America-first, anti-establishment, anti-swamp, anti-progressive, anti-identity-politics, anti-powerbroker, and even a somewhat anti-empathetic government, all based on logic, which we believed we had and used, but didn’t.

Is this the New Enlightenment?

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