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“Conspiracy” is a label used in recent times as a deterrent, by design, to silence a person who is saying something a group does not want brought to the forefront to be scrutinized and investigated. “Conspiracy Theorist” is the ultimate devaluation of one’s credibility, as it is a term intended to be synonymous with “deranged” or “delusional.” These days, when these words are being spewed, I stand at attention, because someone is saying something that is striking a nerve.

Call it what you want — conspiracy, crazy, whatever — when a sitting president turns over keys to the White House to a new administration, generally speaking, he is turning over a full staff of career employees, and most are likely loyal to the outgoing president. Therefore, it is easy to surmise that this allegiance to the former administration could, relatively easily, be exploited. Fortunately, in the past, outgoing presidents have left DC and made a new life outside of politics.

Prior to Barack Obama, only one outgoing president made their post-term home in DC. That was Woodrow Wilson. In the wake of a stroke he experienced during his presidential term, he stayed to continue his healthcare with the doctors familiar with his illness. He died less than three years after leaving office. In Wilson’s case, he certainly did not call into play the loyalty of his former administration’s government staff.

By design, one of the most important characteristics of our civilized republic is the peaceful surrender and exchange of power from one administration to the other, regardless of party. Many call this the cornerstone of democracy. For more than 200 years, this has remained an important part of our national stability both practically and symbolically.

The first peaceful passing of power was by John Adams to Thomas Jefferson. Today, many are questioning whether this long-held tradition has been destabilized, even violated. Ironically, a quote by Thomas Jefferson perhaps best defines the ideological force behind today’s topic and, for that matter, many others: “…Tho’ you cannot see when you fetch one step, what will be next, yet follow truth, justice, and plain-dealing and never fear their leading you out of the labyrinth in the easiest manner possible.”

Simply said, we must follow the truth or facts, which is not to say we cannot or will not be met with obstacles. But truth and facts are the only rational path to reaching any conclusive certainty.

Did President Obama peacefully and without overt prejudice or covert control of the remaining White House staff, cede the presidency to Donald Trump?

Let’s take Thomas Jefferson’s advice. What facts or truth can we identify?

Obama purchased a massive $8 million home two miles from the White House in DC. His top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, now lives with the family. Currently, the grounds are being fortified with a tall brick wall.

According to the New York Post, an office funded by tax dollars will be built to house his chief of staff and press secretary, along with an office for Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation.

On its own, this is compelling evidence that Obama has no plans to fade into obscurity. But still, we need more facts. Okay, his DC properties can translate into the perfect command center, but hey, it’s a big country, and a command center means nothing without someone to command.

I’m laughing a bit, because there are plenty of people out there who spent the last decade arguing that Obama didn’t possess an ounce of business experience. Remember: “He was nothing more than a neighborhood organizer,” and, I’m adding, a sometimes college lecturer.

One of the most dangerous faults of human beings is assumption that concludes in a sea of underestimation. It is like getting caught with your panties down and realizing later that you were out of your mind and that everyone else present was completely lucid. The idea sounds as if I have digressed, and, like my Canadian friend Connor, I’ll apologize even though there isn’t really a need.

You see, all those little neighborhood groups were kept in place by the Soros and Obama machines during his presidency. Oh, yes — Obama has 250 offices scattered across the nation. The OFA or Organizing for Action is a 501(c) 4. No secrecy here — the organization’s mission is clear: They are advocates for the agenda of former President Barack Obama.

This must have been a well-thought-out post-election plan by the Obamas. According to Wikipedia, Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, and First Lady Michelle Obama announced the formation of the OFA on January 18, 2013. Jon Carson even left the White House administration to become executive director and long-time adviser, and former chief of staff David Axelrod serves as a consultant. Organizing for Action took over Organizing for America to operate free and separate from the Democratic National Committee.

The group trains activists and even has a manual. Activists are taught to disrupt any event held by Republican lawmakers or pro-Trump events. The guidelines are specific, with hostility as the ultimate goal. The concept, by design, suggests: “If we cannot control the electoral process via election, we will scare the Republicans and conservatives into agreeing to our agenda.”

The New York Post says that the training manual for anti-Trump activists “…advises them to bully GOP lawmakers into backing off support for replacing ObamaCare, for curbing immigration from high-risk Islamic nations, and for building a border wall.”

So, what facts or truths do we have that will take us to our next installment of Shadow Government?

We can plainly see: Obama still has a governmental system nearly fully staffed with his hold-overs and career employees sympathetic to his motives still working within the confines of the Trump administration.

Obama has secured a compound with space and security in a perfect geographic location that could easily serve as a command center, with ample staff to operate as a Shadow White House.

The OFA and their 250 field offices provide ample national coverage for organizing and training an army of activists — perhaps, ultimately, anarchists. Nevertheless, we must continue to gather facts before we conclude that Obama is operating an alternate government, by design created to overthrow President Trump and conservative lawmakers endangering his perceived presidential policies.

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